Monday, 14 March 2011

NFP 2nd Presentation

Here are a brief summary of the comments:
Here are a brief summary of the comments:
1. Leo/CY – Meat Water
If new market is your RoA, how to differentiate MW from your competitor? Vitamin water also has colors. How do you make use of the USP (Peculiarly flavored)? How peculiar it is? Is peculiar = gut? Do people want to be provoked? How do you provoke them in a more interesting way? Will it be too naïve to assume that the audience will try your product just by provoking them if they have the guts to try? All you did is rather straight forward. Is TVC a suitable media? Have you thought about running and event to drive people to think about trying your product? Colors’ example of provoking the readers with controversial topics, like aids, or 屎might be worth thinking.

2. Vivian/Ling/Regine –
“All you need is LOVE” – a very good insight to explore but please go through the 9Ws check: WHATLove? HOW? WHEN? WHERE? Who?... I have a feeling that it’s rather superficial with the game. Even the logo or web idea. Social media is powerful, and it should match your message that Love is super powerful, right? Is there any chance to launch an event/activity for people to ‘experience’ the POWER of love? I will be delighted to see this.

3. Ku Chi Man – 雲南跌打館
How do you persuade people to accept 跌打? Or most importantly, how do you get them to accept the concept of 跌打before they can be persuaded? How to change their mindsets? People these days are very clever, they cannot accept advertising message merely telling them what to do or what is good for them, because they just don’t listen! Your strategy is not to tell but engage them. What tips can you offer so that they can take home and gradually build the trust?

4. Ricky Wan – Generation Gap (Mold)
This is an old problem. Every generation has the same problem, not limited to Gen Y. Again, do not tell but engage your audience. Is the stop motion animation able to engage them? What do you expect from them other that conveying the message that communication is very important to close the gap? Please take the role of an insider, how do you improve the communication with your own father? What do you expect from him? And vice versa? What is 包容? Is it accepting each other? Treating an individual as an individual? So how about showcasing an individual as an alternative way of life?

5. Puiz/Rocky – Supper Moment
I have difficulty with the band. I don’t know who they are, what they do (music). So tell me! If you cannot tell in a simple sentence their uniqueness and what you are wanting to promote, that’s a problem. Because I’m your target audience – as you said – 不太懂他們的人

6. 小雙- BYOB
You have an interesting topic and the design problem is simple: How to motivate people to use their own bags when shopping? … in a playful way! So can you think of something to engage them and in the process they would enjoy the experience and being part of it? A little tips for you, I used to make my own bag out of old clothes (a pair of jean at that time, just didn’t want to throw it away because I like it so much) and when I brought it with me, people were envy about it (at least my friends would ask me where could they get it). Do you get my point?

7. Ellen/Annie – Muji
Your USP/core message: Simplest way to satisfy oneself! Is it necessary REST then? How do you remind people that there are ways to improve their lives – and they are very simple to get? Is might sound philosophical but it isn’t. Is there something to do with nature? Simplicity? Love your earth? Etc?

8. Winky/Maggie – Supper Moment
I have similar comment re the band as mentioned earlier. But more concerned with the personality. What are the main differentiating elements of a local, indie-turn-upcoming band? What kind of supper will they have? How can you explore /go from that? Beware of being literal, do not take it for granted that “Supper” is for “Dinner”’s sake. Because that would be the easiest way, and it stops you to go further. Dig deep please!

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