Thursday, 17 March 2011

2nd Presentation - Day 2

Here are some of my comments:

9. Ma Cho Ling/Wong Sin Hang – Laughter Yoga Clubs
You’ve got the insight – ‘Laughter is contagious’. But I’d query about the effectiveness of your Apps, can they really work? What does the Baby (Ripping paper) movie tell you? It is exactly the point – when we see people laugh, no matter how ridiculous it is, we will follow. That means you need to show people laughing, or create a scene or an environment to let people watch and then follow. Then they can see the benefit. Again, the T-Mobil Dance is a good reference. What can you spring out from it?

10. Tiffany/Nate/Brigitte – Homeless
Seems to me you have a lots to do, but my concern is how to create a promotion that can bring home the core message of the store. Be careful of your positioning - Homeless can bring you fun and entertainment in your life? Or Be a traveler? I expect the QR codes or Location Based ideas should reinforce your positioning, be that “furniture is fun or entertaining” or else.

11. Au Kin Ming – No Smoking Day
It’s nothing wrong to say that smoking is bad for your health and basically your video is just repeating that same old story, though, I might say, in a slightly interesting way. Can you shift your angle slightly to what “good” can the smokers get IF they follow your suggestion to really quit smoking for even one single day? (What’s in it for me again?) Say if I quit smoking, will I be honoured, praised, “liked’? Will I indirectly or directly help doing some good to my friends? Or the society? This might be more challenging?

12. Gap/Emily –
I appreciate your effort so far but to me it’s too informational. And beware of the scale of your project – got to trim it down to a manageable size. My question is how can you attract people to the web or follow your paper and advice if they are so automatic already to shop in chain stores and ParkNShop or 7eleven or the like are already a synonym of shopping? I think the location/Apps should at least do the first step, to draw their attention to the problem – i.e. There are more choices than they think. And making the first step to say no to monotony will bring them loads of benefits that they have never dream of? E.g. intimacy, neighbourhood, autonomy, etc.

13. Christy/Nata – Octopus
You mentioned about social responsibility in your RoA which could give the benefit to your audience. When you talk about asking children to spend wisely and save up their spending, but then what do they get in return? You’ve got to spell it out (what’s in it for me again) Will the saving be converted into a certificate of sponsoring food for an abandoned dog? Or anything that eventually can point to a wider promise of the so called “socially responsible” brand value of Octopus?

14. Ricky/Fan/Lung – HK Tramways
Your progress is very promising and I like the video very much. Remember to make it short and with unique message just like what you did with the North Point (or Fortress hill to be exact) - making fun with the cannons and face to face firing, signifying the unique travelling experience on the trams ( I used to dream there was a beautiful girl sitting on the opposite tram when it stopped :) SO, the ride /journey could really bring lots of possibility/dreams to your audience – and I’m looking forward to it.
BTW, the tram itself could be a valuable promotional medium. Can you think of something that shows the potential of a future advertising channel along with your promotional ideas? Well done kids!

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