Saturday, 19 March 2011

2nd Presentation - Day 3

Summary of today’s comments. Individual comment sheet to follow.

15. Ceci – Body Shop
Seems too much to say . Suggest to select or narrow down to one core value, e.g. real beauty. How do you tell the audience body shop not only bring to the physical body but it also care about your inner self, your self-esteem. What benefit to offer? Self-confidence? Self-recognition? – As something more than expected? Beware of cliché ideas.

16. Carman/Tsang Nga Hang – Breakfast
Your RoA is clear: to promote breakfast is enjoyable. But the execution wrapped up with “LOVE” seems side tracked. The communication is dominated by love message although you have tried to pull it back with food, but the benefit of taking breakfast is lost. Need to work on your insight – that people do not have time to take breakfast, then show them what can be done to fit this problem. Otherwise, how can they know that breakfast is enjoyable? Work out an idea to let people experience this.

17. Yip – Green Peace
Gen Y as you mentioned are techno/digi driven, implying that they rely very much on electric energy. Can your advertising change this problem? How about sending them a signal say asking them to temporary suspend their routine habits and see what can come up? Like the earth hour campaign. Instead of using an ironic approach, saying sorry to the public looks very unreal even tough viral video shouldn’t be taken seriously.

18.Nichole/Kam Ho – hand Writing (Pilot)
Good insight and RoA. Need to focus and emphasize on the merit or benefit od hand writing VS computer type. I have problem with the dandelion and kaleidoscope. What are they to do with hand writing? The other thing is how to encourage the audience to practice hand writing so that they can survive in the competition with digital type?

19. Winnie – HK Children
Side tracked. Why St. Stephen college? And Why not promote this social issue instead? When you say two sides of a coin or there are two sides in everything, you might give an ambiguous message. Be single-mind please. You don’t need to tell them what they have already known. Show them the benefit they can get in the school.

20. Chan Ka Ieng/Tsz Wai/Tsz Ching – Umbro
Foot VS Hands sounds interesting. Focus on this please. How /what can you do to involve your audience to participate in the process? Or arouse them to interact with the “FOOT” – thus bringing out the core message that “FOOT” wear by Umbro extends your happiness?

21. Ben/Ka Ming – Re:spect
Many years ago people talk about the end of print. That’s untrue but only to a certain extend. Print are deteriorating. But making music with daily objects is another story. What has it to do with the magazine?

22. Reeves/Amy – Sweet Dating Club
Slow Mo is interesting but the question is not about (to act) fast or slow, it’s about effectiveness of your service. If I can find the target I want, if you can guarantee the success rate , I’ll buy in your service. I don’t need you to tell me that I should act fast (I order to get a partner) because I know my limitation. Be careful of that!

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