Thursday, 30 July 2009

SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

quite funny i think :)

Online Auction-AirTran Airways Spot

Air-jacked…Exaggeration in action.
"Football star Matt Ryan unwittingly helps introduce you to AirTran’s on flight Wi-Fi and the wonderful world of online/mile high auctions."

Budweiser - “Lyrics”

Another amazing ad to watch!
Perfect planning, editing and synchronization.

Institute Drugs & Alcohol - “Job” Ad

"Life of the party…Delusional John’s boss provides a sobering perspective."
Have you ever dreamt of the world moves according to your wish?  Here's a big idea build upon this. 

La Poste -“Transformers”

"Now THAT’s express service…La Poste will happily send your registered letter, but there are no guarantees that your computer will make the return flight home." - amazing ad.

HKDI Graduation Fashion Show 2009 part 2 of 2

HKDI Graduation Fashion Show 2009 part 1 of 2

HKDI GradShow 2009 Highlight

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Job opportunities for graduates

For those who want it, post something here or on flickr, I'll give you the details.
Please act fast!

Respond to flickr

Just post your responses there!  RoA, BM's manifesto, lets do it!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Michael Jackson's Hair Used for Jewelry

Yes, no kidding.  See for yourself!

U-CAN "英國文化之旅" 及"上海義工之旅"


• 18至25歲的青年人
• 對藝術文化感興趣
• 希望認識志同道合的朋友,一同探索創意的無窮可能
• 願意付出時間精力為藝術文化及社會服務機構當義工

參加U-CAN 將有甚麼得著?
成為U-CAN 會員,你可以:
• 發揮個人創意
• 認識香港和英國文化和藝術
• 鍛鍊團隊合作與溝通技巧
• 通過義務工作關懷社區
• 促進個人成長
• 獲得英國藝術節目的免費門票
• 享受箇中無窮樂趣!

Read more:

Force-fitting 61382A

Just a "mo-lieu" thought applying force-fitting to the magic numbers.

(Multiply all numbers consecutively)

(Multiply > add all numbers consecutively)

(Add > multiply all numbers consecutively)

(Substract all numbers consecutively)
6-1-3-8-2=...................................8 (a bit tricky here, though it's negative)

(Add all numbers consecutively)

How's it? :)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Top 10 links from

Top 10 Websites For Designers (July 2009)

Check out the latest Top 10 websites for designers:
Adapt-Studio, Inc.
Adapt-Studio, Inc. is an umbrella for the art and design work of Chicago-based creative J. Byrnes.
Campbell Hay
Campbell Hay is a London based creative design studio working across a range of disciplines.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park is a New York City-based illustrator who draws children, zombie and dinosaurs (among other things).
FaceOut Books
FaceOut Books features a new book design project each week. The designers share their creative process, as well as sketches, alternate designs and more.
Fashion Photography Blog
Melissa Rodwell is a Los Angeles-based fashion photographer who provides inspiration and advice to other photographers on her blog.
The goal of Fawn and Forest is to be the starting point for parents to share the joys of good design with their children.
Gavin Potenza
The portfolio of Portland-based designer Gavin Potenza.
Reign is a small ad agency in Kansas City, MO, with a great sense of humor.
Steal Our Ideas
Former creative team posts ideas for people to steal.
Sub-Studio Design Blog
The Sub-Studio Design Blog is a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture and artists that float Sub-Studio's boat.

Thomson Holidays - Thomson Day to Night TV Ad - June 2009

One more!

Thomson Holidays - Thomson Advert Jan 2009

Any one saw the movie 'Trueman Show'?

Barclays 'Fake' advert

'Keeping it real' - a simple idea that triggers the response!

Volkswagen Passat 'Positive Thinking' advert

In the midst of the doom and gloom there are some things that are still refreshingly dependable, and the Volkswagen Passat is one thing you can be sure of.
See how VW has used positive thinking as the USP for their ad.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

The democratisation of intimacy

Anthropologist Stefana Broadbent says that modern communications aren't expanding our circle of friends but are strengthening our most important relationships.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Top 10 Viral Video Ad Campaigns Chart

Top 10 Viral Video Ad Campaigns Chart:
(What People Watched the Week of July 6)

Apart from the awesome Rollerskating Evian Babies, 9 more wonderful viral video ads shouldn't be missed amid the buzz.

Watch it

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Monday, 13 July 2009

Global Warming

Global warming makes the world smaller - when you feel it, it's already too late.

Bike for Bibles

New link added

Social Advertising - very useful link for reference!

Open your eyes

Fur looks great ... until you open your eyes.

Imagine the Headlines of the Future...

What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities disguised as insoluble problems. John Gardner

You Are My Sunshine

Until the sun shines out of your ass, use an energy saving light-bulb instead!

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Excuse me for posting this fun stuff as a break. Dedicated for those who bad in time management and always late.

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Unsubscribe campaign - Waiting for the Guards

Discrimination Hurts

Stop Violence Against Women - choir

See how simple act can trigger the big idea.


Our kids get the uncensored version!

smoking kills!


Up In Flames

Totally Exaggerative!

RSPCA Paws For A Cause 2008

Not all animals can protect themselves. That's why we need the RSPCA of Western Australia.

Quand je serai grand

It's ironic to know the reason of wanting to be an astronaut!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New discussion group on Flickr

Alternatively, I have just created a new discussion group on Flickr used for the HK4As project.
Please sign in using the link here

Monday, 6 July 2009

Let's do some good!

Yes, as said - in the HK4As student award brief.
Let's start some discussion here to diverse your thinking and help everybody to kick start.
So what are the good deeds that we can do?

Please post your thinking here...

オリンパス ペン(OLYMPUS PEN) (1959)

Hi Augusta, I'm returning your favor here :)

The PEN Story

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Friday, 3 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Viral Ad for Direct Holidays

See how recycled wrapper can break rules

Ecoist handbags are made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, soda labels, subway maps, newspapers, and other waste-bound materials. Waste is turned into functional, durable and eye-catching handbags. 

Michael Jackson Concerts

More photos