Sunday, 28 February 2010


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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mastercard UEFA Champions League advert

McCann Erickson were challenged to develop a creative platform that: supported MasterCard’s sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League; take into account the brand’s ‘Priceless’ brand positioning and creative approach; offer a fertile territory for all elements of the marketing mix; and, put the company’s 14-year association with the event on a more emotive and consumer-oriented footing...
For a football fan, being present at the game during these moments of joy, tension, heartache, elation and frustration is utterly priceless...


Beatbullying 'Cyberbullying' advert

The campaign promotes CyberMentors, which is an online service for young people who are being bullied, where they can discuss their situation and receive help, support and advice from people their own age.

Boots Opticians 'Lunch Break' advert

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Ads shown in my PoA class today

Monday, 22 February 2010

Best Print Ad From Adsoftheworld

Stop The Traffik 'Dinner' advert

The films form a key focus for the organisation’s ‘Start Freedom’ campaign that aims to make people realise that trafficking is an issue that affects everyone – and that it’s happening right on their doorstep, no matter where they live. The objective is to raise awareness and educate people about human trafficking and drive people them sign up and get information at




母親遠赴委內瑞拉探望懷孕女兒,改編自真人真事,更由著名泰國廣告導演Thanonchai Sornsriwichai執導,如此激動人心,原來是支銀行廣告...
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Monday, 15 February 2010

科學家認 15年來沒暖化

英國東安格利亞大學氣候研究小組前主管瓊斯( Phil Jones),去年被揭發竄改氣候暖化的數據之後,前天坦承過去 15年的統計數字都沒有顯示全球暖化,並說中世紀時的地球可能比現時還暖,暗示全球暖化未必涉及人為因素。



Monday, 8 February 2010

Creativity IS a habit

Creativity IS a habit

MILK+ 演員招募

lover boys,lover girls… 


與展覽《Techno(sexual)-bodies》 同期進行,MILK+ 齊集藝術家鄭淑麗(聞名於日本科幻色情電影I.K.U.), Katrien Jacobs (聞名於 與梁學彬 (聞名於其媒體藝術作品「東方婊子」)將錄映太奇化身為反烏托邦的科幻場景,展出誘惑、頹廢與墮落等故事脈絡,將你帶進2050年的性愛境界。 帶來性興奮之餘,再次喚醒大眾對愛滋病傳播的關注。



報名截止日期: 二月二十日 
試鏡日期 (只接受預約): 二月二十七日




Sunday, 7 February 2010

Saturday, 6 February 2010

香港這個最後品牌 陶傑





Friday, 5 February 2010

Twinings 'Lady Grey'

Discover the Art of Tea

Twinings English Breakfast Tea Commercial

Discover the Art of Tea

Twinings Infusions 'Waterfall' advert

Discover the Art of Tea.

Google and Cadbury revealed as the UK’s most ‘engaging’ brands

"...Google has topped a new poll revealing the top 10 most engaging brands in the UK, with Cadbury coming up a close second. ..."

Read more at UtalkMarketing

Facebook replaces teen blogs?

"...Much of the communication between young people now takes place on mobile devices, which don't lend themselves to long-form writing..."

Read more at UtalkMarketing

Antoine+Manuel Graphic Village Exhibition情人節前最後召集

由香港設計中心主辦,於香港文化博物館舉行Antoine+Manuel Graphic Village 展覽會 展期將延長至2010年2月17日。自去年11月28日起,參觀人數已突破三萬人次,市民對展覽會反應十分熱烈,備受各方讚賞。 把握最後機會,體驗法國設計雙雄Antoine Audiau 和Manuel Warosz的得意平面設計作品。參觀者於2月底前將心水相片上載至Antoine+Manuel Graphic Village 的facebook社交網,首200名可免費贏取名設計師精美咖啡杯杯一隻。為您至愛在情人節送上一點驚喜。

參加方法: 登入facebook,搜尋「A+M Graphic Village」,上載相片。得奬者將獲個別通知領奬。

有關展覽詳情和開放時間 (農曆年初一及二休館),請登入hk.heritage.museum或致電2180 8188查詢。

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Brief recap of my CW Class today

Here are the contents covered today:
- Understanding the copy brief.
- Basic detail/Overview/Background/Target Audience/Core Message/USP/Creative direction/Persuasive body copy.

Here are the keywords which you should remember:
Discussion/analysis/sharing/RVJ/creative strategy/copy based/target audience/core message/headline/subhead/body copy/jargon/compelling/reassurance/push/incentive/A.I.D.A./A.I.R./USP/benefit/“So What?”/break rules

...and here are the ad examples for reference to the copy brief:

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Lessons of Lady Gaga

With digital dominance, business savvy, a niche-busting sound and 1,001 wardrobe changes, she is a new model for success.

Read the full story at the Wall Street Journel Digital Network.

Lady Gaga: The Next Madonna Of Music Brands? (via brandchannel)

Lady Gaga: The Next Madonna Of Music Brands? (via brandchannel)

... This past year, Lady Gaga took the music industry by storm with an album that spawned four Number 1 hits. She also led digital music in 2009 with sales of more than 15 million downloads ...

... Lady Gaga does something else exceedingly well – she leverages her personal brand via digital media to the hilt. She is a sensation on YouTube, has had over 320 million plays on MySpace, and is an iTunes superstar. What's more, Lady Gaga is a commercial property...

If brand has a personality, Lady Gaga certainly has both. Read more at the above link.

Lady Gaga On Her Grammy-Nominated Album The Fame Grammy 2010

Lady Gaga is such a unique performer that The Wall Street Journal gushes, "She could be the next Madonna."

More on Rugby’s 360-degree mobile commerce strategy

The Rugby Make Your Own application is truly something unique in terms of the experience that it provides users.
The application was a first of its kind within the Ralph Lauren family of innovative lifestyle marketing. Consumers can make their own Rugby directly from their iPhone or iPod touch and share the style and buy it.
Consumers can customize their own Rugby with patches, share and order their Rugby styles within the application.
The application followed the successful launches of and
The application is meant to serve as a 360-degree retail innovation platform that engages with consumers through mobile, in-store kiosks and outdoor display content in store windows, and online.
Also, Rugby stores in New York and San Francisco have an interactive store window where pedestrians walking the streets are encouraged to stop and create their own Rugby or browse the gallery of Rugbys created by users of the iPhone application.
Much like the iPhone experience, users just drag and drop by swiping their hands over the store window and can buy Rugbys by swiping their credit cards.
In April, the preppy retailer launched an iPhone-optimized site for, the site for its sporty line of Rugby apparel.
Like the existing WAP site that is optimized for all other mobile devices, the iPhone site lets consumers browse and buy all products that are available on
Mobile advertising drove consumers to the mobile site and application.

Ralph Lauren Garners Mobile Marketing Accolades (via brandchannel)

Ralph Lauren Garners Mobile Marketing Accolades (via brandchannel)

With all the buzz about today's youthful brands, it's nice to see Ralph Lauren, a forty-year-old brand, figure out how to appeal to a contemporary audience. One of the best ways to do that is reach the audience where they live – on their phones.
Clothing retailer Ralph Lauren has just been named "2009 Mobile Marketer of the Year" by Mobile Marketer because of the company's breakthrough, innovative use of mobile advertising and marketing.
Read the story.

Armani Offends, But Also Makes Amends (via brandchannel)

Armani Offends, But Also Makes Amends (via brandchannel)

As we talked about naming in the brand building steps today, this is worthy noting.
Who could ever forget the Chevy Nova urban branding legend of the car that translates to “no go” in Spanish? And then there was the Nike snafu of 1997 when the brand recalled a shoe with a flame logo and a word resembling “Allah” in Arabic script. That followed Reebok’s naming uh-oh with its Incubus sneaker, meaning demon.

Augmented Reality is no longer science fiction, it’s your new digital strategy

Augmented Reality is no longer science fiction, it’s your new digital strategy

Nokia’s introduction to user experience

User experience is one of the most important success factors of a mobile application, according to Nokia, which created a web section that describes the benefits of a good user experience, which also provides links and resources with more detailed material.

Have a look and go throught the interactive section and know more about experiential design.