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No Excuses

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The Last Exorcism - BEST OF Chatroulette reactions

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Can you spare a minute?

Please help to fill out the questionnaire at the following link for use in a recent project. Please pass on to your friends and thank you for your support! :D

POAD Tram Shelter Advertising Competition

香港電車站廣告創作比賽2010 由香港電車有限公司及博納戶外廣告有限公司(POAD)首次聯合舉辦,讓大家將心目中理想的香港畫在電車站上!

主題: 理想的香港

比賽目的: 透過電車站廣告創作比賽,鼓勵參加者發揮創意

組別: 1.1)創作機構組(於設計範疇工作的專業人士) 1.2)創作機構組(於設計範疇工作的專業人士,參賽作品如跟商業品牌有關,不可渉及任何推廣元素,包括產品推廣) 2)公開組 (需持有效身分證並年滿十二歲)

獎項: 每組設有金、銀、銅三個大獎。




評審準則: 評審團將會已以下準則評分





報名方法: 1.1)創作機構組(於設計範疇工作的專業人士)

請於 下載報名表格


請於 下載報名表格


請於 下載報名表格

截止日期: 2010年9月8日

查詢熱線: 2143 9553

Any students interested to the competition are welcome to seek for guidance from the Advertising Teaching Team at HKDI. Give us a call anytime!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Nike Y2K Jogger

Top 10 Sites for Designers from How Blog

Top 10 Sites for Designers BureauThis new bimonthly magazine is aimed at interior designers and architects but has plenty of content for anyone who loves design. AnonymousThis London-based firm specializes in smart graphic design and cheeky product design. / WestThis linear story of a cross country adventure was photographed on various 35 and 120mm cameras and compiled into a horizontally scrolling website.
http://wearefield.comFIELDField is a design, advertising, marketing and media consulting company based in Austin, TX.
http://ilovedust.comI Love DustWith offices in Southsea and London, I Love Dust creates amazing design, illustration and animation.
http://www.sideshowpress.comSideshow PressThis letterpress studio is a collaboration among three women who love type, paper and design.
http://www.theydrawandcook.comThey Draw and CookA new illustrated recipe every day from artists around the world.
http://www.tweedtom.comTweed TomTom resides in London where by day he works as a creative for Antidote and by night draws and fascinates over obsolete mechanical marvels.
http://www.twoheadedbeast.netTwo Headed BeastTwo artists in the fields of design and illustration have united as one to become the Two Headed Beast.
http://www.zaraillustrates.comZara IllustratesZara Picken is a young illustrator based in Bristol, England, who has a lovely retro modern style.

Heineken - The Tube

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