Friday, 30 July 2010

Design meet marketing

A new media mobile marketing agency in Toronto
Clearoute Inc.

Oded Ezer's Face Type

Oded Ezer's Face Type is a new project influenced by the visual possibilities of Skype's video conferencing and social networks. Each letter of "Face Type" was designed by an individual from a different country, and was photographed together with it's creator, using the Skype application's print screen function. This method was used to create two of Ezer's recent works: A magazine double spread, stating "Every improvement in communication makes the truth less visible", commissioned by the prestigious Print Magazine's August 2010 issue, and a poster for this year's famous Krakow Jewish Festival, Poland.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

A teaser trailer

In-game soundtrack for Electronic Arts’ latest game ‘Medal of Honor’ by Rock band Linkin Park.

Interactive Billboard by Stefan Sagmeister

Saab's comeback

It's turnaround time, assuming it's not too late, for Saab. The new Saab 9-5 Aero (above) has just been launched.

Marketers Slow to Integrate Mobile Tactics - eMarketer

Marketers Slow to Integrate Mobile Tactics - eMarketer

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

U2 South Africa World Cup 2010 Song (Get on your boots remix)


《我的家在紫禁城》展覽 ── 展覽助理招募





· 大專或以上程度。
· 成熟、有責任心、具合作精神。
· 能操流利廣東話、英語,懂普通話更佳。
· 良好溝通技巧,誠懇有禮。
· 對藝術有興趣者可獲優先考慮。
· 工作期為9月10日至10月15日。


· 須於展覽場地港島東太古坊ArtisTree工作。
· 負責場地設備管理及運作。
· 檢查及開關展覽的各種器材及設施等。
· 於展覽場地負責接待、回答一般公眾查詢等工作。
· 負責協助維持導賞團的秩序。

‧ 全職:星期一至五 上午九時三十分至下午五時三十分。

‧ 兼職:星期一至五 下午五時十五分至下午八時十五分 或
星期六至日 上午九時三十分至下午三時三十分 或
星期六至日 下午二時三十分至下午八時三十分。

有意者請將個人履歷於 2010年8月20日 或以前傳真至3020 5779或電郵至,電郵主題請註明《我的家在紫禁城》展覽助理應徵。請註明應徵全職或兼職工作。

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Spotted - LOSGOGO

Another goody to share.  Visit this website by two designer Tomas Aracena and architect Nicolas Aracena.  You'll be amazed how interesting they are designing furniture and other stuff from found materials collected from destroyed houses and buildings.  See for yourself.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dita Von Tesse wows Perrier fans with new online routine

Try it yourself for the new online ad by Perrier water.  Featuring Dita Von Tesse, watch out my friends!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


We don't know about future, do we?  But what do you think about future?  Good? Bad?
Difficult to get an answer right?  This question (in fact all questions) should be answered within a context.  Who are we talking to?  What are we talking about? Why are we talking?  and so on... Yes, that's it!
So if I ask you to plan your future, what will you say?  
Likely the answer will be towards a positive side, agree? 
That's all I want to say.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Apple's Appvertising Takes Off (via brandchannel)

Apple's Appvertising Takes Off (via brandchannel)


"The design school is like a moving train which takes you from one destination to another. Life inside the train is interesting, fulfilling, challenging and yet expensive. But on the other hand, it is composed of thousands of hardwork, failures, redo works, humiliations and working overnights - but we can enjoy the scenery through the window.

During the journey, I have seen good and bad design behaviours, achievements and failures. Sometimes it is full of joys, sometimes it is full of worries. But I do appreciate the effort that all of you have made and I share all the wonderful experiences that are full of inspirations.

Now that you are bound to take off.

Be ready pals, next stop is the ever challenging, rewarding and sometimes discouraging battlefield of the graphics business.

Don't forget to bring your portfolios with you, and MIND THE PLATFORM GAP, PLEASE."

- just found that I have written these words for my graduate students exactly 20 years ago. Looking back, foresight or hindsight, might be worthy to share on this last day of our graduation show.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

...and this one too

Why do you stay up so late? Enjoy the ride with the lyrical poem as you click through.

This one you shouldn't miss!

Enjoy the interactive brush that reacts to the music, great pleasure travelling with your mouse. Try it now!

Top 10 Websites For Designers (From HOW Blog)

Check out this month’s Top 10 from HOW:
BOOKmarkA website dedicated to bookmarks and the literature they inhabit.
Ed Lives HereEd is a continuing education series sponsored by NewPage. Over the years Ed has delivered technical advice on all things printing: coatings, inks, retouching, prepress, embossing and more.
ËlodieËlodie is a French Illustrator specializing in fashion illustration and portraiture.
Melissa Marie Hernandez PhotographyMelissa Marie Hernandez is a Philadelphia-based photographer who shoots all over the world.
Mr. Josh EvansJosh Evans is a talented young illustrator living in Los Angeles.
NamThis Japanese design and photography collective will blow your mind.
Neither Fish Nor FowlBask in the charming vintage style of Brooklyn-based illustrator Jim Datz.
SHCH Graphics GroupIntricate typography from Kiev-based SHCH Graphics Group.
Spec ThisSpec This is a designer’s online print estimator. This tool allows designers to send up to three project specs, to three different printers privately at one time.
Think Smart DesignsThe blog of Elo Designer features great design interviews, as well as design inspirations and tips for freelance designers.

Monday, 5 July 2010

What if...

What would you do if you arrive office early in the morning and found out there was no electricity? - perfect! no light, no air con.  Stay in, pretending nothing has happened and hoping everything will be back to normal? - no way, I can't stand the heat and it's bloody suffocating.  Or stay away, take an exploratory walk and bump into your colleagues in other offices? - if you are lucky - but be sure you don't make them feel like you are checking on them.

What if you are inside an elevator (when there is no electricity)?
What if you are at the end of writing a long email?
What if you are at a 360 turn on a roller-coaster?
What if you are on an underground train?
What if these really happen to you?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Are you joking?

Couldn't imagine such playful idea in HK - Uncomfortable if not radical?  Irrelevant if not disgusting?

Friday, 2 July 2010


Talking about attention, Robben was surely the attention seeking star (or actor?) who successfully caused a red card to the Brazilian in the World Cup today.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Starry Starry Night

Tonight is a starry night.  I can see many stars twinkling in the sky.
What a beautiful picture as if the stars were talking and trying to catch our eyes.  If they were advertising messages, what can they do to catch our attention? - Just a thought!