Wednesday, 7 July 2010


"The design school is like a moving train which takes you from one destination to another. Life inside the train is interesting, fulfilling, challenging and yet expensive. But on the other hand, it is composed of thousands of hardwork, failures, redo works, humiliations and working overnights - but we can enjoy the scenery through the window.

During the journey, I have seen good and bad design behaviours, achievements and failures. Sometimes it is full of joys, sometimes it is full of worries. But I do appreciate the effort that all of you have made and I share all the wonderful experiences that are full of inspirations.

Now that you are bound to take off.

Be ready pals, next stop is the ever challenging, rewarding and sometimes discouraging battlefield of the graphics business.

Don't forget to bring your portfolios with you, and MIND THE PLATFORM GAP, PLEASE."

- just found that I have written these words for my graduate students exactly 20 years ago. Looking back, foresight or hindsight, might be worthy to share on this last day of our graduation show.

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