Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Think inside the box

Very often I hear this: think outside the box!

Cool!  It's almost like you are not capable to solve the problem and what you have done so far just does not work - because you've been thinking inside the box.

I wonder if there is really a cure outside.  We all do things inside a box: eating inside a cafeteria box, working inside an office box, shitting inside a toilet box, sleeping inside a bedroom box, watching movie inside a cinema box, singing inside a karaoke box ... you name it!  As a matter of fact, we do live inside a box (the Earth) so literally there is nothing wrong if we think effectively inside "our boxes" - if we can be pragmatic and really tackle our problems positively and effectively.  

Here are 4 key questions to ask ourselves:
"What are we doing?"
"How are we doing it?"
"Why are we doing it?"
"How do we know if it's working?"

Try them to see if you have done your job effectively inside the box.

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