Friday, 25 February 2011

NFP Critique - 2

The critique continued today...

5. Carman/Charlotte - Breakfast
Why is it for the Health Department? What's love got to do with breakfast? Would it be more natural to talk about love in breadfast? or Breadfast with love? or Love and Breadfast? or Loving your breadfast? or Love is Breadfast? What benefit will your TA get? (What's in it for me?) How do you engage them? Any insight from the love distance project?

6. Shela - Crumbs
What is the positioning of the brand? How to engage your TA with the USP? Why fairy tales? Is there any logical co-relation between your Froyo and fairy tales? Is twisting a fairy tale "surprising" enough to motivate your customers? What is/are the benefit(s) people will get? (What's in it for me?) Have you consider an event? What is more important problem to solve - your advertising strategy? or the visual graphics?

7. Ellen/Annie - Muji
Does Muji have a problem with their brand? Are they not selling well? Do people not know about the brand? and their philosophy? What makes you think Muji need to build their brand? For those who want conspicuous consumption, why do they need to switch to Muji? (What's in it for me?) In other words, is the Muji lifestyle the only way of living to fight for? Why is the mobile ad reference so successful? Can you do something with similar effect to drive your audience? (What's in it for me?)

8. So-hey/Yan - 港孩
Why St.Stephen School? Why do they need to take the social responsibility? (What's in it for me?) What is your design problem? WHat is the RoA? How do you engage the working parents? What are their needs/problems? What opportunity can the 港孩 problem give?

Thanks everyone for your participation and I appreciate your preparation. I suggest each of you to examine and review your work carefully. Be honest and really dig out the opportunities and avoid going social /online for the sake of doing online advertising. The idea is to engage, not to advertise when we talk about using social media.

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