Thursday, 24 February 2011

NFP 1st Critique

The critique went well today. Just a brief recap of some of the questions for your consideration:

1. Emily/Gap - Choice
Need spell out your core message, Choice is life? You deserve a better choice? or Alternative way of life? What are the benefit? (What's in it for me?)
Please redefine your TA. Youngsters? So that they are more ready to online channels? Is magazine a good medium? Need to justify the costing. How will it survive? Why Mr Pon Yat Ming - if he is not used as a credential?
Will it turn out to be a social advertising promoting the core message?

2. Puiz/Rocky - Supper Moment
How much do you know about the band? Do you have a deep interview with them? Have you followed them in their gigs? How do you define their music style? Folk rock? Acoustic? What music genre do they belong to? Who is their target audience? What are they like? How can you develop a concept with their participation? What is the USP? What are the limitations of an indie band? What benefit can you provide in your promotion? (What's in it for me?)

3. Ma/Wong - Laughter Yoga Club
Laughter is contagious? or Laughter is fundamental to health? Is the app a good media to engage people in the process? How? Have you thought about some social events? Like the T-Mobile Dance?

4. Siu Sheung - BYOB
Why people refuse to bring their own bags? What are the benefits they will get if they do? (What's in it for me?) How playful your idea is? What AR possibilities are out there? Why should they bother about planting trees? Do you need to tell them what they have already known? or in fact just a simple click to turn them on will do? and what will it be?

5. Ricky/Fan/Lan - HK Tramways
What is the RoA? Who is your TA? Why 食字? What is your USP? Is "slow" a counter living philosophy to develop? How do you play around with it? What are the benefits for your TA? (What's in it for me?) Why video? Why don't you use the tram itself? Tram stops? Is there any other opportunities - event so to speak, to match the tone and manner?

6. AU - No Tobacco Day
Everybody knows smoking is dangerous but how to persuade the smokers to quit smoking for only one day? What is the benefit they will get? (What's in it for me?) Will they be touched with your video? Will they see it as another threat (with those disgusting images)?

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